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A very warm welcome to my th reader.Why speed of light ? Well, the aim of this blog is to reach the impossible by exploration and scientific fervor. Exploration never ends, knowledge never dies but Speed of Light can be achieved ....

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Attention ! All readers. Do you also write ?

I am sure most of my website visitors like to read my blog and posts related to the universe.If you also want to write articles,submit news,poems on universe,jokes and want to publish them on the blog - please post your name and email address in the comments section.I will give you an invitation and you can become a permanent writer for this blog.

I have also introduced a tell a friend service for you.So that you can also invite your friends to this blog where all the updated news events and activities are discussed.You can permanently become a registered member of Exploreuniverse.com by joining the community.Checkout the community to see what members get.

If you want some topics to be discussed specifically , please write to me.Any kind of suggestions and feedback is welcome.

Thanks alot.Keep Reading

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