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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Computer Speakers are sensitive than a mobile !

An Invention – Computer Speakers are sensitive than a mobile !

I don’t know if its actually of any use but I need to post this in order to get your views and ideas on the same because it does help us in enhancing our concocting skills.

I had my cell kept near my computer speakers which were obviously switched on. Whenever someone calls up, a disturbance with a peculiar sound in the speaker is produced exactly 3-4 seconds before the cell actually starts ringing.

Now we can capture this disturbance produced in the speaker with a suitable instrument that is in turn connected to an LED or an alarm. Well, whenever someone will call up, the LED will glow or the alarm will ring just 3 seconds before the cell actually starts ringing. This means we have come out with an invention of a device 3 seconds more sensitive than our cell phone.

I know 3 seconds are of no use. Anyways, the cell will certainly ring after 3 seconds and we can attend the call. So, whats the big deal ? Well, in the world of technology even a milli-second matters and we are on the road to competition !!

Please let me know about your views and ideas by posting in the comments section.


the final frontier said...

That happens to us, but a little differently. During the running of one particular program, just before the phone rings the program drops. It is constant for this particular program. The only thing we can figure is that the computer is more sensitive to the signal than the phone lines (cell or land).

Admin Team said...

Let me tell you something. This has nothing to do with sensitivity. The ONLY reason your monitor flickers or the speakers have interference is because the PHONE has picked up the signal and is initializing the magnetic field which will enable it to ring. EVEN IF you put the phone on vibration or turn alert off completely, this will still happen because the phone initializes the magnets before it checks whether ringing is enabled or not.

And you're discovering this now?

I seriously cannot believe your stupidity.

The Superior Brain

Admin Team said...

Here's an explanation:

Click This, Genius

aniket said...

damn, is that ur latest post???
dude, everybody knows this,, and sorry for dissapointing you but those LED phone instruments exist too and light up just before a call..they are available at the gaffar market, new delhi for somewhere round 30 bucks!

and i think it has nothing to do with sensivity!

Varun Khetarpal said...

Well, making an observation is a stupidity according to "the admin team".

Varun Khetarpal said...

I was little close to the reason for this –

“ The signal comes in the form of electromagnetic waves. They interfere with the speaker system and produce a disturbance. Simultaneously, the signal is going into the mobile also. But the mobile system is taking a little longer to convert it into a mobile compatible signal and in turn the mobile rings up 3 seconds late. This delay might be because of the processing time taken by the mobile.”

Varun Khetarpal said...

@ admin team : I am not discovering this now. I am implementing it now !!

By capturing the disturbance in the speakers with the help of an instrument. This will produce voltage and an alarm can start ringing 3 seconds before the call.

It is obvious and zillions of ppl have noticed this disturbance. Point is how to capture it ?? How to produce voltage or make use of this energy to glow an LED ??

Admin Team said...

You are trying to turn em waves into electricity? Think photodiode. Very little energy, even from the SUN. No use.

What will you gain by making an LED light up? nothing. Why? Because the phone already got the signal. If you try to pick the phone up in those three seconds, you won't be able to talk. Besides, this also happens when you get an SMS. If you pick up the phone and it turns out to be an SMS, you're a fool.

Sorry, but this "observation" is equivalent to making the observation that you have two legs - inconsequential.

Varun Khetarpal said...

If you see, the whole concept is right but we cant make use of it because if it had been of any use the scientists or engineers would have already done something about it(Read the second para of the post again).

The point is to show that the phone is taking longer for recognizing the signal (a call or an SMS, whatever the case may be).

Why is this process not instantaneous ?? If you know the exact reason behind this - please post !

PS.: You may specify your name at the end.

Gaurav said...

if you wanted to know more about how cells work or why the delay time you should have told me before


go to the above address and it will tell you evrything about cells and base stations and their communication in an extensive 12 page article.



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