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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Direction Of Time

The concept of TIME-EMIT – Total Increase Of Mutual Energy raises many questions in our minds. The laws of Science do not distinguish between the past and the future. The arrow of time always points from a direction with less randomness towards a point having more randomness. There are three arrows of time :

:. Thermodynamic arrow of time
:. Psychological arrow of time
:. Cosmological arrow of time

According to thermodynamic arrow of time, the direction of time is in the same direction as the increase of entropy. Psychological arrow of time has a definite direction. This is a direction in which we feel time passes. This is a direction in which we remember our past and not the future. Finally, cosmological arrow of time has a direction in which the universe is expanding and not contracting. Speed of light can be considered absolute but TIME is relative. This gave birth to theory of relativity !

The bamboozling questions that arise are :-
.:Q:. Will this arrow of time ever change its direction?
.:Q:. How would the state of our universe get affected?

The biggest problem is that universe is continuously expanding and evolving. In accordance to this evolution, we need to update and develop our laws and theories also. One cannot predict the beginning of the universe because laws fail at the Big Bang singularity. Classical theory ceases to hold good for the universe when the curvature of space-time becomes large because then the quantum gravitational effects become important.

The laws of science are unchanged under the combination of operation – C, P and T

C – changing particles for anti-particles

P – taking mirror image

T – reversing direction of all particles

Overall, we have to run in the backward direction. The laws of Science that govern the behavior of matter under all normal situations are unchanged under the combination of two operations C and P. Life would just be the same (as on earth) on a planet in our celestial neighborhood having inhabitants, which are mirror images of us and are made up of antimatter.

Contracting phase of the universe doesn’t favor existence of intelligent beings. Hence, we would never have the opportunity to ask or observe the reversal of direction of the arrow of time.


RG said...

TIME is not actually an acronym for Total Increase of Mutual Energy - it is something you have made up yourself.

That's all I had to say.

Varun Khetarpal said...

Hi Rohit ! How ru ?

Obviously ! Time is Emit... read in reverse direction. Spam is Maps and much more ...

I thought giving a full form to TIME would be interesting ... so came out wid this one !

Ankur said...

nice vk..
hes allowed to make somethin up in this stuff.. i guess..

Varun Khetarpal said...

Hey Ankur ~ thanks man !! We missed on the solar eclipse on monday - 19th march, 2007 ! clouds all over ... couldnt take pics :(

Dhruv said...

These are not your ideas - they're taken from "A Brief History of Time" by Stephen Hawking.
At least attribute your sources.

Varun Khetarpal said...


u expect me to come out with my ‘own’ direction of time ?

I am sure you have not read the book - ‘A Brief History Of Time’. If you have then its really nice ! I have read it and understood it in the deepest sense; that is the reason why I have the ability to come out with such posts so that the other readers can get to understand these things / theories / facts / information in a simplified manner.

It’s the readers' enlightening and edifying comments and discussions on this blog which help the already existing ideas and theories to grow and take a new path backed by burly fundas.

Next time try to enhance the post by commenting something new and real good instead of telling me the 'source' for the post!

PS.: You needn't restrict yourself to 'Brief History Time'. There are many other books like 'Journey through space n time', 'Beginning Of Time', 'Time Travel' which discuss similar Ideas.

This is science !

When you are speaking to technically illiterate people you must resort to the plausible falsehood instead of the difficult truth.

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