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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Atlantis launch delayed

  • After removing foam protection technicians were scheduled to remove a suspect connector from Atlantis' external tank.
  • The failed connector sent away for testing. It provides readings from redundant low-fuel sensors in the bottom of the external tank and instruments that would shut down the shuttle's main engines before the turbopumps ran dry and flew apart.
  • NASA has proposed soldering the connector in the spots where only friction was used to maintain an electrical connection.
  • NASA has announced that a Jan. 10 launch date is not possible, but the agency has set no other target for launch. Mating of the solid rocket boosters and the external tank for Endeavour's Feb. 14 mission has been put on hold, raising concerns about further delays to other missions in 2008.
Source : Floridatoday.com

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