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A very warm welcome to my th reader.Why speed of light ? Well, the aim of this blog is to reach the impossible by exploration and scientific fervor. Exploration never ends, knowledge never dies but Speed of Light can be achieved ....

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why does Moon appear BIG in the sky ?

This June 30th brings a moon illusion !The sun and full moon lie on opposite sides of the sky. They are like a see-saw: when one is high, the other is low. Because the summer solstice was just last week (June 21st), the sun is near its highest point in northern skies. The full moon is correspondingly low.

Some researchers believe that the Moon Illusion is Ponzo's Illusion, with buildings and trees playing the role of Ponzo's converging lines. Foreground objects trick your brain into thinking the moon is bigger than it really is.

So? Which of the two lines in the picture above is bigger ? It seems as if the farthest one is a little bigger but actually both of them have the same size. The converging lines in the background of the first line from the top create an illusion in our minds which makes it appear bigger.

Try looking @ the moon with naked eye and then with a hole in a cardboard. Its fun !

PS.: For an indepth knowledge about this topic, visit link


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Comparison of planet sizes & stars

Images are provided by co-intelligence
  • Sun has a diameter equal to 109 Earths and mass equal to 332,946 Earths.
  • Jupiter's mass is equal to 317.8 Earths and has an escape velocity of 59.5 km/s. (Escape velocity of earth is 11.2km/s)
  • Pluto has a mass equal to 0.0021 Earths and an escape velocity of 1.2 km/s.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Let's pray for Sunita William's safe return

UPDATE : Shuttle ends mission with California landing. The U.S. space shuttle Atlantis touches down at Edwards Air Force Base, California June 22, 2007.

Indian American astronaut Sunita Williams is preparing to return home on Thursday after a 194-day record in space. Cloudy skies and thunderstorms are delaying this return in Florida, US. As informed by NASA, the shuttle that blasted off to fetch Sunita Williams and install new solar power panels aboard the International Space Station has enough fuel and supplies to stay in space through Sunday.

Williams has been replaced at the station by American astronaut Clayton Anderson, who is scheduled to stay aboard the outpost until October. And it is because of her Indian origin that this shuttle mission attracted considerable interest in India. At the time of the launch, her uncle, aunt and cousins in Ahmedabad were glued to the television. She says that she learnt a lot from Kalpana. Just being with her was great fun. Kalpana had a lot of different interests. One of the interests was in Indian music. And they both used to listen to Indian classical music together, informs her father.

Priests, teachers and students at a Haryana school, the alma mater of deceased astronaut Kalpana Chawla, are praying for the safe return of Indian American Sunita Williams from space on Thursday night.

Sunita Williams is another woman astronaut who has touched stars. Let's pray for her safe arrival back to home ! Long Live Sunita Williams !


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

How does Google justify this ?

Well, almost every user has an Orkut account today. But we don't seem to notice it ! Only new people can make an observation regarding this figure ! Every new account with 0 contacts and friends, has this figure displayed.

This account literally has ZERO contacts but still Orkut shows connection to 55,929,875 people. How is this number generated ? In simple words, what is the logic behind this calculation ? How does Google justify this ?


This is science !

When you are speaking to technically illiterate people you must resort to the plausible falsehood instead of the difficult truth.

Photos of Comet Mcnaught !
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