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Monday, November 26, 2007

GPS Insight

The GPS technology calculates its position by measuring the distance between itself and three or more GPS satellites. Each satellite has an atomic clock, and continually transmits messages containing the exact time, the location of the satellite, and the general system health. Over the years, the technology involved in manufacturing an automobile has become more advanced, as automakers shift their focus from basic transportation to the design of features that make a vehicle safer, more comfortable, and more easily operated. GPS Insight is the hardware developed on these lines.

GPS Insight is a new company using advanced technology that helps you track your vehicles all over the world. It uses satellites and AT&T/T-Mobile. The hardware & web software-based technology gives you the actual speed, location, distance traveled by a vehicle and much more. The company is also capable of integrating this facility with cellphone providing a real time monitoring and mapping. When installed in a car, a GPS Insight can provide useful information about the car's position and the best travel routes to a given destination by linking itself to a built-in digital map. It also tracks the distance traveled on a particular trip, vehicle mileage, and speed. It can keep a record of driving activity, including the address of each destination, names of streets traveled, and how long the vehicle remained at each location, to allow owners to monitor the use of their cars by other drivers.

In addition to its applications in private vehicles, GPS Insight is being used by commercial shipping companies to speed the delivery of cargo. It allows companies to track their fleets, record the movement of their trucks, and control route planning. GPS Insight uses the new models to correct problems in the older versions, focusing on improved accuracy, better reception, and even more user-friendly features. It also gives you a lot of information on Geofence Violation.

The cost is just like $1.50-2 per day per vehicle for such a supreme technology. Decreased labor costs and decreased gas costs help you save a lot of money when you use this technology. GPS Insight also provides advance reports and route optimization and navigation. It is the only company that includes engine diagnostics with the baseline products. The company doesn’t have any hidden fees and provides their customers with the most reliable product. Go for it ! Get advance technology for your vehicle.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mars becomes more bright

"Mars is starting to look really nice through my 10-inch telescope," reports amateur astronomer Friedrich Deters of LaGrange, North Carolina, who took the picture at right on Nov. 17th.

"Very nice!" agrees Dan Peterson of Racine, Wisconsin, who captured a similar snapshot the next night.

The blue polar swirl in these pictures is the "North Polar Hood"—a giant icy cloud that forms over the Martian north pole during winter. Why blue? That's the color of sunlight scattered from very tiny crystals of ice (smaller than the wavelength of light itself) floating in the cloud. The blue hood vs. Mars' red terrain appear in pleasing contrast through any mid-sized backyard telescope.

You don't need a telescope to enjoy Mars, however. It is plainly visible to the naked eye, bright and red, standing out among the pale stars of Gemini as something definitely different.

Finding the constellation and the planet within is child's play on Nov. 26th and 27th. That's when the nearly full Moon glides past Mars, only one degree away, and draws attention to the pair. If you can find the full Moon, you can find Mars. Look east before bedtime on Monday evening, Nov. 26th, or west before dawn on Tuesday morning, Nov. 27th.



Saturday, November 03, 2007

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