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A very warm welcome to my th reader.Why speed of light ? Well, the aim of this blog is to reach the impossible by exploration and scientific fervor. Exploration never ends, knowledge never dies but Speed of Light can be achieved ....

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Reliable and Cheap Shopping Cart Software

If you have a great merchandise and collection of fast selling products, you definitely need a shopping cart software that is reliable and easy to manage. One of my dad's friend needed a fully automated website through which he could sell his products. After a rigorous search, AshopCommerce was found to be the cheapest and most efficient ecommerce software.

AshopCommerce is specially designed not only to provide customizable designs but also search engine optimization for your shopping cart software. This company is also the winner of my-business awards - 06. AshopCommerce's 10 day trial allows you to test their amazing service without putting in your credit cards details. Yes ! You can try their service free of charge.

Never before was selling online that easy ! Their software is designed keeping in mind the ease of use and setup. A lot of professional business websites are already using this awesome ecommerce cart service by AshopCommerce. Go for it !


Get paid to blog @ Smorty !

I have personally experienced the service of Smorty. Their website's simple and easy steps would like you to sign up under either of the two categories - Bloggers or Advertisers. If you have a personal blog or a company blog with good ranking, it becomes easier for you to grab more and more opportunities in the campaign and earn higher. It’s easy – blog for money.

Smorty's service is unique and different from others. It pays you on a weekly basis instead of monthly. We just have to express your opinions on various products or services in our posts. The biggest advantage is that this does not distract our users from our website because these posts are informative. Moreover, Smorty allows you to add multiple blogs which makes you flexible in terms of writing the posts over 2 or more blogs. Their easy service lets you earn at home if you are ready to blog for money.

On the other hand, it is an excellent chance for the advertisers to achieve a high page ranking in search engines like google, msn, altavista etc. Smorty can create a lot of quality inbound links reaching more and more customers. This service is surely better than joining a spamming list and adding your company's website link on such pages. Start to blog for money now. This awesome service is just a click away.


Friday, April 04, 2008

Pay less for your domains

Everyone is trying to establish their place on the internet. Due to this there is a lot of competition between different companies to provide the domains for cheap price. Domain name registration has made been comparatively less by PayLessDomains.

They also provide their customers with discount when domain name registration is done in bulk or for more than a year. Every domain name registration involves free services like free email hosting, URL forwarding, domain parking, management tools and 24/7 customer support.

Paylessdomains is one of the Australia's top site allowing to create your own online store. They are Australia's largest shopping cart provider. Paylessdomains are known for their cheap domain registration, domain transfers, renewals and e-commerce facilities. Registration on their website is totally free of cost. The company's unique features include competitive prices, personalized service and free WHOIS lookup.

Never before, domain name registration was so easy, fast and cheap. Give your business or personal site a name on the internet with Paylessdomains quality service.


Quality flashing lights - cheap price

One of our dad's friend is an interior designer. We were looking for cheap and stylish lightings for the house. KK-Lite was recommended by him for the same. Indeed the electrical supplies that their company provides are high quality.

The flashing lights provided by KK-Lite are unique in design and catch everyone's attention visiting the house. They have a whole list of products under the category of wall plates, HID lights, tritium lights etc. Hosting a big party at home? In need of really cool Residential Fluorescent Lighting? KK-Lite company is the right place for your purchase. They also excel in providing a wide range of smoke detectors, wire connectors, electrical tapes etc. Payments can easily be made online with the help of credit card. They also accept wire transfers and checks making the shopping process easy for their customers. All their products are tested and UL certified. Moreover, KK-Lite has volume discounts for you ! Their list of products is huge and almost has everything that you need to make your house or commercial place look nice.

KK-Lite is the ultimate place to make a selection for your house's lighting. Ranging from a small house lighting setup to a industrial lighting products and electrical supplies. Their quality products are indeed offered at cheap prices. Go for a purchase !


Best Web Hosting Guide

Selecting a hosting company is one of difficult tasks today. It requires a lot of knowledge and wise judgment. Looking over reliability issues, server quality and customer support are some of the basic things when planning quality hosting service. The guy who designed so many wordpress themes has ended his research on selecting the best web hosting company.

Kaushal Sheth's best web hosting guide is quite impressive and helpful for people searching for hosting solutions. He has actually put in effort to browse through all the hosting companies on the internet. Kaushal has come out with a list of hosting companies which are reliable and affordable.

Overall, the website is really helpful to decide and review your host providers by following the specified guidelines. The three best web hosting companies ranked by Kaushal Sheth's page are quality oriented.

His best web hosting page is outstanding and is just a click away. Browse through his content and learn about the website hosting selection technique. Also, Keep checking Kaushal's best webhosting guide page for updates !


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mac Poker Online

What is Maconlinepoker ?

It is a popular website featuring casino and card games in which players, each holding one or more cards whose face value is concealed, place wagers into a central pot. The pot is awarded to the player or players with the best combination of cards or to the player who makes an uncalled bet.

Macpokeronline is a very appealing website sharing great content and relevant information on poker sites around the globe. It allows its users to rate and review other poker sites so that the users get an idea and easily shortlist best sites. It provides the lists of sites where users don't need to download any software to play Bingo ! It also gives links to download those rare Mac Poker Softwares which are not available with just a mouse's click. You are also not going to miss those mac poker strategy tricks and tips provided by this website. You can earn $$$ with its poker affiliate program. Best of all, it provides special codes for acquiring Poker Bonuses from various sites. Check out their Fulltilt Poker !

So hurry and join the maconlinepoker website today ! Don't forget to sign up for its newsletter which has interesting news, tips, and tricks about Mac Poker. Also, do sign up for poker forum to indulge in active discussions about poker and casino games. The forum has experts, beginners, moderators and over thousands of registered users.

It is an excellent website which can train you from a beginner level to a professional in poker and casino gaming. If you are a webmaster of a poker website, it is one of the best website to have an affiliation or link exchange. Search for a tournament and get pokering ... !


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