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Monday, July 30, 2007

Far side of the moon

So has any human ever seen the far side of moon? I guess, not ! Because this side of the moon always stays away from us. First directly observed by human eyes when the Apollo 8 mission orbited the Moon in 1968. It includes the largest known impact feature in the Solar System: the South Pole-Aitken basin. A good sight for putting radio telescopes !

The Moon now rotates once as it orbits the Earth, allowing for the same side to always face the Earth so that the far side remains a mystery to any Earth-bound observer.

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Nidhi said...

it alwways fascintes me how the moon shows only one of its sides to us...and that too the prettier one!!

arban said...

Would anyone please can explain me: if we have telescopes that we can see thousands and thousands of light years in distance do we have i single telescope that can see Nil Amstrongs vehicle which is left on the moon?

This is science !

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