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A very warm welcome to my th reader.Why speed of light ? Well, the aim of this blog is to reach the impossible by exploration and scientific fervor. Exploration never ends, knowledge never dies but Speed of Light can be achieved ....

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Now grow up !

Hope you understood and liked my previous article. I have explained the rotation concept with utter simplicity. If you haven't read it - you are missing out on something amazingly superb. Scroll down and give it a read. Keeping aside astronomy for a while, Donald has always remained my favourite. Cartoon animations have developed characters which look so real. Way to go - Animation Industry & Walt Disney!

So do you like strategy or mystery solving games? I am sure you have tried the Nicky Bounty. I have played all of them in the series. These are flash games and are very real ! The music and character sounds are too good. Waiting for the two unreleased games - Nearly Departed & The Adventures of Nelly the Wonder Dog! Pinheadgames website comes out with really good games. Check them out !

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