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Monday, July 23, 2007

UFO sightings in Karnal (Punjab)

On 8th Juily 2007, people in Karnal (Haryana) saw two blue colored lights for almost 2 hours in the sky. The lights seemed to hover all over their locality.

The two lights in the sky were nearly half the size of the moon. The strange lights were seen at around 10:00pm IST. The lights were mind-bogglingly wandering in the sky. People reported that they hadn't seen anything like this before.

The sky presents a beautiful scene every night. One can see thousands of stars and the moon on a clear night sky. But on 8th July 2007 when the people in Karnal looked at the sky, they saw something astounding at around 9pm. Both these lights were encircling one another. The news spread like fire. It was not long when people started to explore the reason behind this strange incidence in the sky. Some of the intelligent ones started saying that this light is a result of some circus show nearby. At around 10pm space scientists started to handle the dispute. They prudently explained that these lights are not from any source on earth. If they had been sent from earth, the lights would have distinct tails. This is a common observation when we switch on a torch in a dark room. Therefore, it was concluded that these lights were not from Earth. The lights were so big that they couldn't have been a star and no planet can come so close to earth. Though the people were feeling astonished by such an incidence but they were also curious to know the reason behind this strange scene. But nobody could find out the exact reason!

PS.: The article above is an original translation from Hindi language to English - done by "Varun Khetarpal". Copy and Paste is not allowed without prior permission from the blog author. You may use this article anywhere on the internet without permission, provided you mention the author name and link back to this blog.


Nidhi said...

u r kidding right?

Varun Khetarpal said...

no no !! wid alotta hassles i captured dis video... got to get ma camera back on track after repairs... it is real .. news channel showed it !!

Mr_LIV2LUV said...

Do any one of you have real clean video because its more important bcz now 1212(Maya civilization colander) is coming near every day.UFO/Alien forces can be feel in india because india & china next super power .What I think is this event is equal to rosvel In usa.
What I think is some serious talks or corporation is going on in between India other super powers & aliens species. I have serious séances some time I know what can be happen .
Ok so I start with some example its easy to get who are helping hand in this case to India .
If you guys remb that few years back in west bangole some thing came from sky & drop in pond .Pond water turns red its comes in news channel but gov cover up that incident..
Why Indian fighter planes crashing, Indian government is not stupid that they spend millions of $ on world brilliant pilot & left them like that come one. No country like to lose its Air force Pilots …..some thing going on or Indian planes hunting for some one unknowns to us.. I
Is it a coincident that Indian military airbase is near by as well where we saw those lighting ..Those lights are same like New Mexico in usa we say many time. Nothing is clear right now but it give us a séance of some goofiness’ in this matter .In countryside in Indian farmers reported crop cycles too. Like in developed country Uk..
Indian air force had air exercise with French guys this year .I remb that I put my article in this site also about that. A Reporter asked A Very high rank Indian Air force personal .why is this exercise important in Indian & French Air force corporation .He answered its more then relation between India & France.. It’s not about Pakistan even ,so what he talking about we have very good relationship with Russia, usa also. O I forget we had 1.2.3 deal also anyway do you guys know after 30 years we getting this deal, Why now?
If you guys remb ones Indian government informed media that some lake on border of India china in Himalaya water level increasing day by day. Indian side can be flooded any time .But surprisingly lake vanished in one night.

Here is one more case.. Ahmedabad-based Space Application Centre (SAC) of ISRO on September 27, 2004 http://in.news.yahoo.com/041006/43/2h4xg.html

In west bangole, few year back pond water turn red when some thing from sky drop in that pond. Hey wait do you guy’s remb about monkey like humanoid who can jump on one home to other like humanoid it was in 2001 if I am right.

So,that’s few of the example I given to you guys more u can have it here http://www.ufoinfo.com/search.shtml?zoom_query=india&zoom_per_page=10&zoom_and=0&zoom_sort=0

Now question is what was that people saw in KARNAL?
It can be Indian gov some secret technology shared with aliens, unknown flying plan too but chances are it’s a alien ufo.

Is that was some kind of symbolic importance too?
Yes it can be .Is it a coincident that Kalpana Chawla, Indian, astronaut Home town is Karnal. Its like a symbol to Indians that your gurl comes in space to looking at stars & now we coming from stars to look at you.

Now question Is :
Why they are here & what they want from us.
Who they are?

As we know India is world largest democratic country on this planet. Indians are not violent by nature. We respect other religions (we can respect other species too).In today’s new world law no one can denied Indians importance they too. So Indians are getting help in every way technologically, financially every M.NC ready to invest money in India because big guys know .They have safe investment because they interested to work with India. If you guys remb in 50’s u.s.a also get that kind of technologically advancements too. They want Indians play great role to establish peace on this earth. Share Knowledge with every single human on this earth & every one get benefits.

They are aliens spices who visited India in past too from THE time of even Ramayana epics .Now thing is which kind of alien INDIANS are dealing with. As I feel 3 alien species right now .One is humanoid 6’4 in height with broad shoulder, well muscled, face features like Monkey & dog but with some wires .Second one is Females she is beautiful and easily taken as human .3rd is like skinny alien we talk about time to time.

They have strange properties like they are invisible most of the time. But in some circumstances like clicking picture with red light as we have in sony digital cams you can saw them in picture. If red light in the atmosphere also its help as well. They always near secret military base too even in Indian too.

They have capability to hide them self but now why they show themselves now?
Indians are not much familiar with that’s its like shock if one day you saw them having joint conference on AAJTAK with Indian gov. So its time to make Indians aware of that they are here & it’s good for Indian that they know it as early as possible. They show up in usa & American now aware of them. If you dnt trust me YOU well saw this kind of more & more sittings in future too..

Swaps said...

As we all can see the recording caught on cameras, it is clear that the lights are not something famalier to us. If you observe the motion of these lights they seem to be intelligently guided, especially the circular motion and both the lights encircling each other.The news channels did show this for the entire day but later on it was forgotten. I am sure intead of we wasting our time on thinking if it was an UFO or someting else, what we need to concentrate more is the news channels. None of the channels speak of this now as if this never took place.The Karnal news is not the only one,there are lots of other things that are shown on Television and than never shown again. Wht does this happen? I think this is the main question. Its easy to say that this is a government coverup however what I think is that the news channels only show us what we want to see.There is no specific body which deals with such things and gives the public a concrete answer. As my personal opinion, everybody is aware of UFO's, most of us are scared to speak as this is not taught anywhere, what we need to do is form a body (like MUFON) in the west, which can deal with such things and pressurise the government to give out information. Let me know if anyone us agrees with me.

Sari said...

i saw the broadcast yesterday

Neeta Raina said...

1. This sighting is absolutely true. It was shown on many news channels 'live for 2 hours'. In another country people would have reacted far more than we Indians did. But the fact is that millions of Indians saw it. Most reacted in typical Indian fashion - "Hoga Kutch" = 'Must be something'!
2. The UFOs hovered over Karnal, which had been in the news after Kalpana Chawla had died in the Columbia crash in 2003. Karnal is Kalpana Chawla's hometown.
2. Four years after she died, a week long remembrance ceremony was organized from July 1-7, 2007 in Karnal. July 1 is Kalpana's birth-date in her records. The UFOs appeared on July 8, 2007. Nobody knows if there was any link, but in our minds we all connected the two events for some reason.

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